Give us 90 days and we will change your life - 90 day challenge

    21/90 change your mind change your life
Are you having trouble:
- lose weight and/or build muscle mass
- stress (lots of thoughts) & letting go
- motivation & willpower
- perseverance & focus

We are looking for a number of participants who want to participate in the research of a new program where you will be fully coached by a team of specialists for 3 months to change this, overcome your mindset and achieve your personal goals based on the latest scientific studies.

The team of specialists consists of:
- nutritionists
- neuroplasticity mental therapists
- movement experts


We will look at your current diet and you will receive a nutrition seminar in which the scientific knowledge about nutrition will be shared with you. In addition, you will receive various recipes for inspiration. You will also receive guidance on what, what times and how nutrition can help you to achieve a healthier weight, tighter body and/or more muscle mass. You will learn how nutrition can give you more energy, help you to become fitter but especially what is feasible and suits you.


Difficulty with sports and exercise? We'll help you on your way! With a schedule and a movement plan and functional training about your body, you'll know how best to make your body fitter and more mobile again. The result is a fitter, tighter and stronger body!


In today's society everyone is busy, busy, busy. The amount of burn-outs is increasing enormously and many people feel a constant pressure. That's why we use neuro-scientifically proven programs that help you develop and increase your willpower, self-confidence and positive thinking and peace of mind. For example, we have the master class that is given in group form and with extensive 'aftercare' and you can schedule 1-on-1 consults with us so that you can be helped on an individual level. Finally, you can also join our retreats.

Do you want to learn to let go? Do you want to learn how to relax better and do you want a quiet and calm mind? Do you want to learn how to focus and how to apply focus? We use a neuro-scientific proven program that helps you develop and increase your willpower, self-confidence and positive thinking and calm in your mind. The masterclass is designed for those who suffer from stress, are burn-out or feel overstrained. Even if you have a lot of worries and find it difficult to let go, if you are anxious or often have negative thoughts, the master class is the ultimate solution. If you suffer from restless and excessive thoughts or if you sleep badly, we can help you.
Our senior lecturer, Gil, with all his studies and scientific research, came up with this project and was able to develop it into what it is today. During the master class you will learn in a group how the mind works and what you can do with it. By following this master class you will learn how you can achieve a calm and peaceful mind.

With the program we have available you can learn to reprogram the brain to develop a calm and peaceful mind. You will learn to improve your focus and concentration so that things that normally take a lot of power suddenly seem to succeed effortlessly! By following this master class you will learn how much willpower you have and can get and you can get more perseverance. Various different techniques are suggested to help you further!

Here are just a few of the benefits you can achieve:
- Learn to relax better
- Learn how to deal with stress and also reduce stress
- Learn to stop excessive thinking and calm the mind
- Learn to be present in the here & now
- Learn to increase your energy and have a less-extinguished feeling

About the teacher

It's more than just a body, a brain or your diet. It's a complete lifestyle and Gil has dedicated his own life to the science behind it. He combines the traditional teachings as developed in the East with the current scientific knowledge that exists in the West.

Gil works as an international:
- Movement therapist
- Epigentics nutritionist
- Psycho-social therapist
He specializes in neuroplasticity (brain plasticity) of the brain. It allows you to break old habits and reprogram your brain to achieve a healthier thought pattern.
Over a period of 12 years, he has successfully helped more than 3000 people.

Read more about Gil

Gil Sol

The guidance

90 Days you will be guided in your exercise, nutrition (recipes etc.) & mind, relaxation and breathing techniques. You will get access to various workshops and seminars, daily (app) contact, eating and exercise schedules, and more!


Everyone in society wants to change something in his or her life, often we fall into old habits and patterns! everyone wants to, but the motivation, perseverance and willpower is often lacking so we continue on the old footing.
It takes 21 days to learn a new habit and 90 days to turn it into a lifestyle.

When your body and mind are reprogrammed for 90 days, the new programs become an automatism and then your new lifestyle is a fact! but try to maintain this on your own for 90 days 100%. in this trajectory we will help you completely so that you will be able to go through life easier on your own. together we will break through the old patterns and create new ones so that you can develop the life you want!

Emotional addiction

Laziness, stress, listlessness, low energy, unmotivated, tension, pressure in your head. All these emotions see your body as a chemical imbalance that you can become addicted to just like alcohol, cigarettes etc. This means that your body is used to a certain habit and if you want to change something your body tries to sabotage it in order to keep the same old emotions, feelings, this is why change is so difficult, because your body is emotionally addicted to the habits (chemical imbalance) in the body. During our free workshop we will explain this in more depth so that you understand why it is so difficult to make change in your life and during the 21/90 we will teach you how you can break this and learn new healthy habits.

Dopamine addiction

In addition, your body and brain are addicted to fast dopamine such as chocolate, carbohydrates, Netflix, social media, masturbation, shopping, chilling, etc...These are all things that give you a quick fix. This will make you addicted to this and in the short term it will take us further away from our goals. When the body and brain are satisfied with this, there is no more energy for tasks that are less likely to give dopamine. These are precisely the tasks that give long lasting results. So we will have to restore the dopamine intake to a more healthy balance.
Never give up don't skip a day

Because this is an intensive program and we as a team put a lot of time in it, we always first ask for a motivation to see if we can help you. We are here for you! We put all the time and energy in you so we expect you to put just as much dedication in it! We support, support, motivate and help where we can! If we go for it together 100% then it is guaranteed to work together!

Free Introduction or intake consultation

Because we want you to succeed, we only work with people who are 100% dedicated in succeeding this 90Day trajectory! This means we only work with people who want to go for the full 100%! This is why we ask for a motivation and follows a personal intake consultation and free introduction workshop.

Message from one of our teachers

We wait for crisis, trauma, loss, disease and tragedy before we get down to looking at who we are, what we are doing, how we are living, what we are feeling, and what we believe or know, in order to embrace true change. Often it takes a worst-case scenario for us to begin making changes that support our health, relationships, career, family and future...

My message is: Why wait?

We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering, or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration. Most embrace the former. To go with the latter, we just have to make up our minds that change will probably entail a bit of discomfort, some inconvenience, a break from a predictable routine, and a period of not knowing. The unknown is where all the magic is hero! Let's change as a choice, instead of as a reaction.
You can learn change in a state of pain and suffering, or you can learn change in a state of joy and inspiration.
The choice is yours


50% discount - €499 for 30 days
For the research part you now get 50% discount on the normal investment of the 21/90 guidance. This means you invest in more than 15 years of experience in your mental and physical health. Develop more motivation and perseverance.
Normal price is EUR 999 per 30 days. If you register in July and August, you will receive a 50% discount. This means EUR 499 for 30 days. Minimum purchase is 90 days.

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Negativity, stress, tensions no longer exist for me thanks to the master class

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Gil is a great yoga teacher: he immediately notices if you have trouble with a pose and then helps (with props and instructions/adjustments) until the pose feels comfortable for you. Very nice combination of yang (challenging) and closing yin (total relaxation).

Josine Langeslag
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At the end of this lesson I felt deep peace, as you feel with successful meditation. Lesson is mentally very challenging.

Melissa Chen
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Professional teacher and therefore a very good lesson. Very good for my back!

Judith van Loenen
Image is not available

Top class and super fine teacher!

Lisanne van Sonsbeek
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