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Fit Flex Relax is the specialist in the field of High Sensitivity in men High Sensitive men HSP. We offer a unique combination of mindfulness & neuroplasticity, exercise and nutrition. We work in small groups so that the trainer can work with you personally.
  • Do you experience hustle and bustle in your head (brooding negative thoughts)?
  • Do you have trouble with focus and concentration?
  • Are you tired quickly or are you low on energy?
  • Do you have problems with other people's negativity and prefer to avoid conflicts?
  • Do you find large groups annoying and would you rather shut up?
  • Are you sensitive to outside stimuli?
Are you suffering from any of the above complaints? We can help you! Through personal guidance and attention our therapist can teach you how to deal with HSP. Based on years of experience and scientific knowledge, we will start this process with you!


Traditional and scientific knowledge

Our therapist has lived with monks in India and learned the traditions of yoga, meditation and mindfulness as well as a background in movement science, NLP, transpersonal psychology and neuroplasticity and has over 12 years of experience with more than 10,000 people worldwide.

Personal attention & guidance

We always work in small groups where we really look at your personal goals. Together with you, the trainer will look for the best way to help you further.

The only practice we offer is a combination of mind, body and nutrition

One cannot do without the other. In order to achieve the best result and become the best version of yourself, the combination of these three needs to be worked on.

Free introduction workshop

During the free introduction workshop you can get acquainted with Fit Flex Relax. We will tell you more about the background and science behind yoga and your brain. Learn to control your thoughts. It's all about your personal goals. What do you want to achieve with your body? Whether you want to become fitter, more flexible or more mobile, we look at how we can adapt a class to you. We can also help you to learn how to create a calm and peaceful mind.

Due to the Covid-19 situation there is currently no free introduction workshop. When the measures are relaxed we will offer this workshop again. Are you interested in this free introduction workshop? Fill in the form and we will contact you as soon as it is offered again.

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Lovely lesson. Relax step by step. Nice voice.

Ilonka Poelstra
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Lovely yoga class, and super fine teacher. Will definitely come back here.

Cherie Kneefel
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Truly functional and professional yoga to come home relaxed and stronger

Fabienne Kasbergen
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Fine teacher, he gives you an assignment at the beginning of the lesson, for example to become aware of where your focus is going and that really works very much for me. Thanks for this!

Nathalie Bunny
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Fine class, the teacher really knows what he's doing and will help you with anything that needs help. He is also very attentive to your posture and where you have any complaints so you can get the best out of your workout. I will definitely come back.

Mitcha van der Prijt
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